Gillian King-Bailey

I am an Anthropology Doctoral Candidate at Tulane University in Dr. Katharine Jack's lab. I specialize in primatology and my research investigates the relationship between behavior, hormone levels, and reproductive success. I am currently teaching and writing my dissertation on the behavioral and ecological correlates of androgens and glucocorticoids in white-faced capuchins in Sector Santa Rosa of the Area de Conservación de Guanacaste in Costa Rica. 


Please have a look around my site and if you have any questions or comments I welcome you to contact me. 

Research News

October 2018 - I have completed my field work and am currently working on writing up my results, and teaching in the Anthropology Department at Tulane University and at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women. 

January 2017 - I'm back at Santa Rosa with my field assistant from last season, Susannah, and two new field assistants whom I'm currently training. We are collecting data for my dissertation research "Socioecological correlates of androgens and glucocorticoids in female white-faced capuchins"

December 2016 - I have been awarded a research grant from Tulane University's Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department for my dissertation research. 

May 2016 - Editor's choice for free access: Marsh C, Link A, King-Bailey G, Donati G. 2016. Effects of Fragment and Vegetation Structure on the Population Abundance of Ateles hybridus, Alouatta seniculus and Cebus albifrons in Magdalena Valley, Colombia. Folia Primatol 87:17–30.

PDF available at


May 2016 - A popular science article detailing the aforementioned article:  

April, 2016 - I have been awarded an International Primatological Society research grant for my dissertation research! 

March, 2016 - I have been awarded a James F. Nacey Fellowship in support of my dissertation research from the Nacey Maggioncalda foundation! 


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